Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pinterest Picks for November

Happy November, Everyone!

I'm a little late posting my November Pinterest Picks.  I caught my annual teacher cold and was out of commission there for a while.  I've got to find a way to avoid these colds.  I wash my hands, I don't use the kids' pencils, I take vitamin C, and somehow it doesn't seem to be enough.  

Well, enough of me, let's focus on November's Pinterest Picks.  

"I Am Thankful For . . ." by Melonheadz

I love journaling!
I keep several personal journals and my students journal every day.
They actually grow to love it.  
Here is a pin a stumbled upon and I can't wait to use.

Guided Journaling Pages for Kids

If you click on the original pin it will take you to the original site "Adventures In Guided Journaling" and it has more free ideas for both kids and us.  

Stop by any one of these lovely sites to see more November Pinterest awesomeness.