Saturday, September 3, 2016

September Pinterest Picks

Happy September!

Just finished the third week of school.  It always goes by quickly.  We had Open House this past week.  Open House always gets me a little flustered.  Parents are going to meet me for the first time. It's important  for me to communicate what is necessary, yet help parents feel at ease and trusting towards me.  I think it went well.  Now, all beginning transitions are done
and all systems are go.  

Today I'm joining the monthly Pinterest PIck 3 Linky Party to spark our creativity and inspiration for September.  

Who doesn't love a little Pandora?  
Here's a site I found on Pinterest with a list of great stations to play during independent work.  I've tried out a few of them and my students give a thumbs up!

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One of my daily, tedious chores in the classroom is re-organizing books after my kids have explored which ones they will read next.  I found this pin on Pinterest that may keep the books from falling all over the place.  A must try!

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Zip Pouch Organizers!  Love it!

Another must try!

To see more lovely pins, join the party below!

Have a lovely, productive and happy school year!