Monday, July 25, 2016

An Unplanned Summer

I hope you are enjoying your time off, doing things you love, and finding time to rest in between doctor's appointments and house "do" lists.  
A few years ago I read a book called, "In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day" by Mark Batterson.  I can't even remember when I read it, but the message of the book resurged inside me this summer.  In a nutshell, it taught me this, when opportunity knocks, open the door and walk through.  Seems like a very simple concept, but for me, walking through an unknown threshold is as easy as jumping off a cliff.  

On the last day of school, a dear friend mentioned to me she was looking for someone to accompany her on a road trip to Waco, Texas.  She'd be transporting her two dogs to her daughter who studies at Baylor University.  Did somebody say, "ROAD TRIP?"  O.K. As thrilling as this sounds, I've never left on a vacation without planning and re-planning. She'd be leaving Monday morning, and it was Friday evening.  

For the first time ever, my classroom was not ready for summer on the last day of school.  I had a lovely group of kids this year, but they required constant supervision.  I couldn't take any time to do my work, every minute was for them!  So, initially I told me friend, "Sounds exciting, but I can't!  I'm not ready to begin my summer." 

To make a long story short,
ready or not,
and after declining,
. . . I had a fabulous time!
We stopped in New Orleans over night to break the trip in two days to not exhaust ourselves, or the dogs.  The next morning we took a little detour to downtown Bourbon Street and had beignets at Cafe DuMonde.  Delish!
 Home of:  Fixer Upper!  Dr. Pepper!  Baylor University! Tex~ Mex!

The Silos
Inside the Magnolia Store ~ my friend, Johanna and her daughter, Jenna ~
Outside the Magnolia House
Being that I was already in Waco, why not take advantage and hop on a plane to see family in Pasadena? ( ". . . what about my classroom!?!")

I found these cute little libraries on different streets located in residential areas.  People donate books, and also find books they would like to read.  Awesome idea to promote literacy!
I also visited "The Last Bookstore" in Los Angeles.  If you're ever in that area, it's a must see.  I guess you can say it's a bookstore, mall and museum all mixed into one.  I especially loved their secret vaults where they keep vintage books.  Needless to say, my luggage was almost unbearable to carry.  

Here are some of my vintage finds ~
I eventually did get my classroom ready for the annual floor shine.  Big hugs to my school secretary who was very kind and encouraged me to go and have a great time!  

Absolutely loved my unplanned vacation.  
The adventure actually didn't stop here, 
however, we'll leave Part 2 for another time.