Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Back To School Pinterest Picks

Ready or not, August is here!
School doors will be opening, students will be coming, papers will be flying everywhere.
As my principal says, the sounds of school in session will fill the hallways!

As we get ready for our new school year, here are some fabulous Pinterest finds for Back To School.


In the secondary classroom there are many changes that may occur the first 2 weeks of school.  Class changes, schedule changes, program changes, you name it  . . .  I've learned.  During those first two weeks I focus more on getting to know my students and for my students to get to know me.   In my small groups, I plan activities that we can work on together and communicate with each other.  We learn a lot from each other.  And, when students come and go, I don't have to begin again too many times.  These Emoji magnets would be awesome to work on during our beginning small group gatherings.  

. . . so would these DIY BOOKMARKS ~

. . . and these DIY Composition Book Makeovers.
Every year I give each student in my class a composition book.  This year I may have them design their covers during our small group sessions. The only obstacle would be the students that don't particularly enjoy decorating.  I may have them plan in advance and bring in their own clip art and logos, or give them and out if they prefer not to.  That's ok, too.

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Wishing you all a pleasant Back To School week.