Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Made it and Meet Me

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Today I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for the Monday Made It linky party. I've been following the links each Monday and I've been loving all the DIY projects.

Here are some of my DIY's. 

Every year I change my classroom's look.  This is a little unusual for middle school because most teachers I know just keep their rooms looking the same way.  Each year they get new students so the room is new each time. Being that I'm the only ESOL teacher at our school,  I'll see my same students again.  I don't want my kids to come back and walk into the same ole, same ole.  I want the atmosphere to be fresh, new and inspiring.  

I don't usually chose a theme, but I choose a new color scheme.
 This coming year my colors will be green, blue, pink and white.

On my FB news feed I found this article on a bandana wreath created by 

Click here to read her post.

I thought this wreath would be a colorful addition to my personal board.  My personal board is sectioned off to include my own little knick knacks.  Not only does this give me something pleasant to look at every day, I think it helps establish a "homey" tone to the room.  I include pictures of my family, my own awards and certificates, and any other item that makes me smile.

So, I bought my supplies:  a styrofoam ring and a green, blue and pink bandana.

Ok~ Up to this point I was doing fine, but here's when things started to go wrong. I didn't follow directions properly.  The directions were to cut off 3 inch strips, and I did.

  Sounds easy enough.  But,  before I cut the strips, I decided to cut off the borders.   Jen from the Girl In the Garage didn't cut her borders, nor did she give instructions to.  I'm not sure why I did.  Big mistake.

To attach the bandana I created a U shape and tucked the ends into the cup just like the directions stated.

However, when I went to put my wreath together, the strips were too short for the width of the wreath.  They were not long enough to tighten the knot.

I don't have a picture of what the wreath looked like after I finished because you wouldn't want to see it.  (sigh)  So, decisions, decisions . . . I could either lose the money on the bandanas and go buy new ones or troubleshoot.  Well, you guessed it,  I troubleshooted.

Thank the Lord for straight pins.
I tightened the knot, flared the ends, and pinned the fabric to the styrofoam.  Each bow used two pins.

And, this is the end product.

I like it.
The Girl In The Garage did a much better job on hers, 
but mine's not too bad for someone who didn't follow directions correctly.  

Next year's wreath will be done the correct way.  That's the thing about mistakes, they are the best learning experiences.  

I plan to either include a smiley face in the center when I hang it up on my white board, a letter "R", or a small chalk board.  We'll see.  I'll post a picture of the wreath hanging on my board once I get back to school in August.

I love to crochet.  I learned basic stitches when I was in Girl Scouts a long time ago.   As an adult I picked up the hobby again and I've crocheted blankets for my own kids, friends and family.  Here are pictures of some of my creations.

If you'd like a tutorial on some of the stiches, click here.

I host an Encouragement Group at our school.  During our get togethers we encourage each other and pray for our needs and the needs of our school.  Because of so many time demands on teachers we find it hard to meet as often as we'd like.  So, I try to send the group encouraging notes and little gifts throughout the year to let them know that I'm thinking and praying for them.  During Teacher Appreciation Week in May I wanted to do something.  I searched the internet and found this article by Crystal & Company: 12 Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas.  She has lovely DIY gift ideas.  I decided to use #10: We Need S'more Teachers Like You.  

These are the materials I used.

~ Graham crackers
~ Small chocolate bars
~ Large marshmallows
~ Cardstock
~Party bags from a party supply store
~ Paper cutter
~ Double-sided tape

This is how I put it together.

Cut out the S'more printables.  

Adhere double stick tape to the back of the printable. 
(The original directions say to copy the printable on cardstock.  I'm always afraid the cardstock is going to jam up my printer, so I decided to go with the extra step.)

Tape the printable to the card stock and cut around the edges with the paper cutter.

Fold in half  
(I apologize for the glare of the light on the photo.)

I added a greeting to the back side.

Here's the final product.

They were a hit!

I'm also linking up today for the last Monday Meet Me with The Teaching Tribune

Here are some Random Facts About Me.

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I hope your day is filled with lots of rest and no stress.  


  1. Your wreath turned out lovely in the end. Thanks for posting a realistic account of the process - flaws and all! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who makes a mess of their plan and has to improvise a lot!

    I'm definitely a new follower!

    A Crucial Week

    1. (Smiles, smiles) Thank you so much for visiting with me today and for choosing to follow my blog. And, thank you for the encouragement! Your comment made my day. I totally agree, somehow in the end, things have a way of working out. :)

      I can't wait to visit your site. Wishing you a lovely day!


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